If you are looking for a floor that can hold a little of each, then an epoxy floor is the solution. Epoxy floors are the obvious choice for use in business and industry because they are extremely durable and very easy to clean.

Durable and durable floor solution for business and industry

There is no more obvious coating for floors in business and industry than epoxy. The unique composition makes the material very durable and resistant. It is also extremely easy to clean, and then it is available in many different variants and looks – like polyurethane floors .
At JTI Gulventreprise, we have more than 25 years of solid experience with special floors for industry and business, and therefore we know that epoxy pays off in both the short and long term. From our base in West Jutland, we deliver high quality on time in Denmark and the rest of Europe. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise and guide you for your new epoxy floor.

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What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy is a joint-free plastic coating that is available in any stylistic expression. This makes the epoxy floor obvious in a number of different contexts, e.g. warehouses, commercial kitchens, schools, hospitals, showrooms, shopping malls and office landscapes. At JTI Gulventreprise, we have many years of experience with laying epoxy floors in many different environments and geographical areas.
What makes epoxy so special is the unique composition of two components, namely a resin and a hardener. When these two components are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs and the incredibly durable and flexible plastic coating is created.

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Benefits of epoxy floors

There are many benefits to using epoxy flooring that no other floor type can match. First of all, the floor is known for its enormous durability and abrasion resistance, and once you have had your epoxy floor laid, you have a floor for life. This makes epoxy flooring an both economical and sustainable solution.

The floor has a very high mechanical wear resistance and it is resistant to chemicals, oil, chlorides and fuel. Precisely for this reason, the floor is extremely suitable in the vast majority of warehouses and industrial premises, which must be able to withstand spillage of various substances.
Also when it comes to cleaning, epoxy floors have a great advantage. It can withstand any cleaning item, and the smooth surface makes it very easy to deal with. Therefore, an epoxy floor is the obvious choice in e.g. commercial kitchens that require a high degree of hygiene. At the same time, the floor can be adjusted in roughness, so that it is non-slip and thus safe for employees to move on.

The many options with epoxy floor paint

It is only the imagination that sets the limits of which epoxy flooring you should choose for your business. There is virtually nothing you can not do with epoxy floor paint, and in JTI Gulventreprise we have experience in tailoring floors that satisfy every taste need.
We offer epoxy floor paints that create matte as well as glossy floors, and we can experiment with a sumptuous palette of colors and compositions.
It is possible to create both a raw and a warm look with epoxy floor paint, and for the more colorful purposes you can get delicate pastels as well as flashy pan colors.
Depending on your wishes, we create a solution that suits you, and can experiment with its composition.

Have your epoxy floor laid by leading experts

At JTI Gulventreprise, we have a well-established and well-documented expertise in laying epoxy floors. Due to our leading expert knowledge and many years of experience, we are in demand by companies and chain stores throughout Europe.
We would also like to help you lay your epoxy floor, floating filler floor or polyurethane floor, so that you are guaranteed the highest possible quality and not least delivery on time.

You are more than welcome to contact us and get advice right from the early project phase.