Float mortar

No floor is better than the floor it is laid on. At JTI Gulventreprise, we have extensive experience in creating new as well as old floors with float filler, and we guarantee a beautiful and uniform result. Read more and become wiser about how we deliver quality floors with float filler.

Whether you need to create a new floor or have an old floor removed, JTI Gulventreprise is ready to help you. With high demand for our service throughout Denmark, and many places in Europe, we have expertise in floating filler floors as well as epoxy and polyurethane floors .

You can advantageously use float filler as a finished floor. It looks both raw and modern, it is very durable and it is easy to maintain. We guide you through the process from the little advice to your floating floor lying flawlessly at your feet.

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Creation of floor with float filler

We have more than 25 years of experience in laying special floors in a sea of different environments, and we are completely at home when it comes to creating new and old floors with float filler. Floating mortar floor can be laid outside as well as inside and in virtually any environment. We have a carefully tested and successful approach, which can be described in three steps:

We pump the self-leveling float filler directly from our mixing station to the room in question.
2. The floor filler is leveled by our experienced floor layers, which ensures a uniform and cohesive surface, in layers of 5-20 mm.
3. When the float filler is dry, the floor is ready to get primer and final coating.

If you are in the situation that you must first have removed old flooring from your floor, we can also easily fix it. It can e.g. be ceramic tiles or glued vinyl that you need to get removed. Or it may be less smooth concrete surfaces that you need to have leveled. Here we can help you with boats milling and stripping .

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flydespartel gulv

Advantages of self-leveling float filler

There are great benefits to self-leveling float fillers. It is the ideal solution for creating new and old floors, and the smart floating mortar can be laid on everything from concrete to a worn wooden floor. In addition, it is a very quick-drying solution, which means that you do not have to wait long before you can use your new floor.
If you like a slightly raw New Yorker look, float putty is also just the thing. But it can also have many different colors, and it is in fact mostly the imagination that sets the limit.

Other advantages of the self-leveling floating mortar are that it is easy to maintain. It is joint-free and therefore completely straightforward to clean, which ensures a hygienic environment.
The many benefits make floating mortar an obvious choice in many industrial and commercial contexts. This is because it is both a functional and aesthetic choice, which ensures a floor that is extremely easy to deal with.

Contact JTI Gulventreprise if you want to start right on the new floor

At JTI Gulventreprise, we would rather than like to help you through the process of floating filler as a finished floor. We advise you from the start of the process and clarify your specific wishes for the floor and its expression. It ensures that you get off to a good start with your new floor so that it will be exactly as you want it.
We are known for our high demands on quality, our fast delivery and our both broad and deep experience. From our head office in Bramming in West Jutland, we provide service throughout Denmark and several places in Europe. With us by your side, you can therefore feel completely confident by creating both new and old floors that fit perfectly into your vision.