Floor stripping

Factory floors are loaded by the many heavy machines that run back and forth daily. Therefore, it is important that the floor that is laid can withstand the load without it being damaged. Sometimes, however, the wear on the floor is of a nature where it is necessary to replace the surface. Here, floor stripping is the effective solution.

Our floor stripping machine effectively removes difficult pavement from the underlying concrete. Floor stripping can be used on various types of flooring, including epoxy flooring, cork, carpet tiles, fully glued vinyl and ceramic tiles.

Floor stripping or concrete milling?

Unlike a concrete mill where the machine uses knives to cut the substrate, for this type of removal either a chisel or a scraper attachment is used, which effectively loosens the coating. Then the coating is pushed off and allows us to remove it within the agreed time frame. With a floor stripping, we make sure that only the top layer of the floor is removed, without damaging the underlying foundation.

The machine and the work

Our floor stripping machine Terminator T-2100PRO weighs 1,200 kg, which is why it has the power to loosen even the most difficult coatings. Despite the size of the machine, our experienced, professional operators can easily maneuver it through ordinary door openings. Our operators are diligent in their work, without this meaning long prospects for the task being completed.

When a floor strip has been made, whatever it is in a large or small room, we at JTI Gulventreprise recommend that the exposed surface is face milled with a concrete mill.

Knowledge and experience

Our experience with floor stripping extends over 25 years and has taken us around all of Europe. Therefore, we do not hesitate to say that we have experience and knowledge in this area that few in this industry can match. We use only professional equipment and our operators have been in the business for a long time. Therefore, we know exactly how to handle work tasks with floor stripping, why no task, no matter how large or small the room may be, is too extensive for us.

Get an offer on floor stripping at JTI Gulventreprise

Our floor stripping tasks extend across Europe and we have very high demands on the quality of the work we perform. We have been in the business for more than 25 years, specializing in commercial and industrial flooring. You can therefore safely choose us as your partner when you need to have a floor made. We not only do the stripping, but also have a large selection of new floors, if you want us to do this for you.

We are happy to provide a non-binding offer on floor stripping. Whether it is advice or help with a task that involves floor stripping, we can be contacted by phone or by email.