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Floors with joint-free stone carpet have a number of advantages. It is beautiful to look at, due to the coating with quartz, it is comfortable to walk on and it provides good acoustics. We want to lay your stone floor so you get the best result. Read more here!

JTI Gulventreprise is known for delivering special floors to the retail sector both at home and abroad. Here, among other things polyurethane floors , float filler floors and stone carpet floors. Stone carpet floors consist of quartz stone pieces which are mixed with epoxy .

Stone carpet is an incredibly popular floor, for several reasons. First, it can be laid a sea of places, ranging from indoors to outdoors. Second, it has a special visual depth because of the many quartz. In addition, it is both solid, easy to clean and minimal to maintain – and pabout extra bonus gives the stone carpet a good acoustics in larger rooms such as. car shows.

In JTI Gulventreprise, we have more than 25 years of experience in laying special floors, and this also applies to stone carpet floors.
We can lay colored areas down in the pavement so that the customer can have text or logo placed where the customers are.

We would rather than give you professional guidance and professional execution so that you can be extremely satisfied with your stone carpet.

CONIPAVE stentæppe udendørs

What is a floor with a stone carpet?

Stone floors consist of small stones, more specifically quartz. They are glued together with a transparent epoxy coating. At JTI Gulventreprise, we use CONIPAVE as a binder, and this makes the stone carpet both durable and shiny.

There are many benefits to a stone rug, which is why it is also popular in a variety of contexts. You can probably easily recall the feeling of walking on stone floors, because they are used in a lot of places, both indoors and outdoors. Some of these places include:

  • Car shows
  • Other showrooms
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Terraces
  • Balconies
  • Receptions
  • Entrances
  • Exercise room
  • Solcentre
  • Fortove
  • Wet room

What should you be aware of with a stone rug?

A stone carpet is fortunately easy to deal with, so as such there is nothing you need to be aware of. It is straightforward to clean and then requires virtually no maintenance. Therefore, it is a floor that you can have for many years without doing much about it.

Stone carpet floors can withstand light driving traffic, but not too heavy a load. It is often used for car shows, so the stone curtain can hold a little of everything. Still, you should preferably limit it to the light driving traffic if you want the longest durability on your stone carpet.

The benefits of a stone carpet floor

In addition, a floor with a stone carpet is also super nice. The quartz coating gives the floor a radiant surface and it has very visual depth. It is therefore not so strange that stone carpet floors do well in eg showrooms and in rooms for exhibitions. But also in shops and stores it can give a nice look.

The stone carpet is beautiful to look at

And now that we are talking about the beautiful expression of the stone carpet, we would also like to tell you a little about your different options. At JTI Gulventreprise, we can put your logo in the stone carpet so that customers can see it. We do this by laying colored areas down in the coating, and it always gives a nice result.

Get a logo in your stone floor

Stone carpet flooring has many good properties. Despite being made of quartz, it feels soft and comfortable to walk on. It is also comfortable to listen to, because it is sound-absorbing and creates a pleasant acoustics. Therefore, it is also really good in larger rooms with a lot of activity.

Contact us today if you want a non-binding offer on your stone carpet floor

From our head office in Bramming in West Jutland, we are ready to give you a non-binding offer on your stone carpet. We would rather answer your questions by email or phone, and there is no question that is too big or small. JTI Gulventreprise lays stone carpets and other special floors throughout Denmark, and also in the rest of Europe. With us, you are always guaranteed good service, high quality and delivery on time.


The binders are used with suitable mineral mixtures for the installation of stable, water- and air-permeable floor surfaces. This “stone carpet” can be built inside and out for a wide range of uses: for sidewalks, parking , in garden design, on terraces and balconies, but also for table tops or other design objects.

The stone carpets can be made in such a way that rainwater can be absorbed by the surface on a receptive surface and seep away. The surfaces are not sealed.

We currently offer CONIPAVE 610, a solvent-free, yellowish 1-component binder. And CONIPAVE 653, a UV-stable, transparent 1-component binder.

source text: Conica

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