JTI Gulventreprise are specialists in joint-free Ucrete flooring, both in Denmark and Europe. We are because it is an ideal industrial floor for working with food, chemicals and medicines. Read more about the durable floor here.

At JTI Gulventreprise, we have extensive experience with Ucrete flooring and its many benefits. It is an obvious industrial floor that is both long-lasting, resistant, hygienic, safe and inexpensive. We have more than 25 years of experience with special floors such as stone carpets , epoxy floors and polyurethane floors for business and industry and we would rather than like to lay it out for you.

What is Ucrete?

Joint-free Ucrete floor is an obvious industrial floor. It is based on a very special technology within polyurethane resin and is thus a so-called resin floor. The floors are very resistant to chemicals and they are resistant to abrasion and shock. Therefore, it is also an industrial floor that lasts for an incredibly long time.

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Benefits of Ucrete floors

The list of benefits of jointless Ucrete flooring is long. However, that does not mean you should be fooled by it! Of course, if you are interested in the resistant and durable industrial floor, you also need to know exactly why it is so popular. Therefore, here you get a number of benefits of Ucrete flooring:

  • Ucrete flooring is durable.  It is a very durable floor that can withstand a little of everything. So you do not have to worry about cracks, damage or the like with this solid industrial floor.
  • Ucrete flooring is hygienic. Joint-free Ucrete floors meet even the most stringent requirements when it comes to hygiene. It is very easy to clean, it does not promote biological growth and there is no use of toxic substances.
  • Resistant to chemicals. The floor is extremely resistant to chemicals. There are no acids or bases that can penetrate the surface, so you do not risk etching of any kind.
  • The industrial floor can withstand all temperatures. Ucrete floors are also resistant to temperatures, ranging from high minus degrees to high heat. The floors can withstand anything from -40 ° C to +130 ° C, so there are no problems with, for example, a hot wash.
  • Ucrete floors are non-slip. Here you get an industrial floor that ensures a safe working environment. You can choose between a number of surfaces, depending on how “smooth” or non-slip you want the floor.
  • A beautiful industrial floor. Ucrete is a beautiful floor, and you can choose what color your floor should be. You can get glossy as well as matte surfaces, and in this way you can create a completely unique look with just your floor.
  • Ucrete flooring is inexpensive.  This industrial floor is a good solution economically. The mixture is taste and odor neutral and it hardens quickly. This means that you can use your new floor quickly and that you do not have to stop production for more than a few hours, if at all.

Resistant floors for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Joint-free Ucrete floor is thus one of the absolute best offers for an industrial floor. It is both resistant, durable, hygienic, non-slip, beautiful and inexpensive. This makes it ideal for rooms where food, chemistry and medicine are used. The Ucrete floor meets the strictest requirements, and more, so you do not go wrong in the city with this industrial floor.

You certainly do not either, if you choose JTI Floor Contractor to lay it. We handle even the most demanding tasks with ease, and we place emphasis on high quality and delivery on time – if not sooner. From our base in Bramming in West Jutland, we offer good service in Denmark and the rest of Europe. We are known as leading experts in specialty flooring and you can be sure to be happy with your Ucrete flooring if you choose us to lay it.

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We would rather than like to help you through the process with your floor, whether it is an epoxy, float filler or Ucrete solution you choose. We advise you throughout the process and ensure that you get off to a good start with your new floor, so that it will be exactly as you want it.
We have very high demands on the quality of our floors, and emphasize expert advice and fast delivery. We service the whole of Denmark and Europe, and with us by your side, you can therefore feel completely safe by choosing us as your partner.