Polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane flooring is a good and durable floor that is easy to clean. At the same time, you can easily give it a unique design, and it is therefore suitable for a variety of purposes. Read on here and get wiser on polyurethane floors or PUR floors as it is also called.

Joint-free and easy-to-clean floor

At JTI Gulventreprise, we have many years of experience in laying joint-free polyurethane floors throughout Europe. We therefore know what we are talking about. We believe that a polyurethane floor is highly recommended in many different kinds of environments.
We have experience with flooring in polyurethane in e.g. public buildings, restaurants, shops, sports and cultural centers and in various departments of the health care system. There are many other contexts where polyurethane flooring is the optimal solution.

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What is polyurethane?

Polyurethane is, like epoxy flooring , a plastic coating. The flexible coating can be laid on several different surfaces, from wooden floors to concrete. It can have a beautiful silk matte or glossy surface and it can be designed according to exactly your desire. All in all, it can be said that polyurethane floors are both comfortable to look at and walk on. It is a floor that makes design, comfort and practice play together.
Polyurethane flooring can be laid in everything from public institutions to private homes. At JTI Gulventreprise, we have actually chosen to coat our work tables with polyurethane. It creates a super nice and personal head office, which is nice to be in and easy to clean.

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polyurethan gulv

Advantages of a polyurethane floor

Thus, there are a number of benefits of polyurethane, and of course you need to know them. Based on these, you can decide whether it is a floor that suits your or your company’s needs.

First, polyurethane flooring is a durable floor that can withstand being exposed for the most part. This makes it suitable for e.g. municipal institutions with a lot of activity on the floor.

Polyurethane floors are scratch and crack resistant, and hold up formidably both outside and inside. JTI Gulventreprise has extensive experience in laying the floor both outside and inside. It is also resistant to various cleaning agents, and in general a very hygienic floor.
The absence of joints makes it easy to clean, and in addition, bacteria and moisture accumulate. Polyurethane flooring is therefore an obvious choice in rooms where there are high requirements for cleaning and hygiene, e.g. in industrial and commercial kitchens or in the healthcare sector. In this connection, we can highly recommend our joint-free floors from Conica .

We design your polyurethane floor as desired

Polyurethane floors are, as mentioned, beautiful to look at – and in fact, they can look great in exactly the way you would like. At JTI Gulventreprise, we have a large selection of RAL colors that you can choose from.
We are very passionate about designing the PUR floor. We want it to be just as you dream of. We thus welcome special design requests for both color combinations and creative patterns. We are happy to advise and guide you from the early start phase and follow you through the entire process, until you stand on a floor that you are really happy with – whether it is a polyurethane, epoxy or float filler floor .

We deliver high quality on time

If you choose us to lay your floor, you can be sure that you will get a super nice floor in the highest quality. We go into all the aspects that affect your satisfaction with your new floor. This applies from durability, to aesthetics, comfort and hygiene.

We are proud of the great demand we are experiencing for our service, from all over Europe. We believe this is due to our expertise in the field and the experience we have gained over more than 25 years.
Choose JTI Floor Contract to take care of the task of your next floor, so you are sure to get genuine specialists to lay your polyurethane floor.